3 Things To Help Your Parents Learn About Using Social Media

If you have an elderly parent who wants to better keep in touch with their friends or family members but often has a hard time hearing on phone calls or sending messages via their smartphone, using social media could be the solution to many of their issues. However, learning how to use these platforms can be challenging. Luckily, with your knowledge of social media, you can help them learn what to do and how to stay safe while using this software.

To help you see how you can be beneficial to them, here are three things to help your parents learn about using social media. 

Learn How To Find Their Friends

Because people need connection, and so many people living in assisted living communities and other types of facilities often lack this, social media can be a great conduit for this type of connection. But if your elderly loved one doesn’t know how to find their friends, then they can’t make these connections.

To help them with this, get them started on a social media platform that they know their friends or relatives are using. Then, help them learn how to search for people and connect with them through the platform. This way, they can find people they remember from their past as well as keeping in touch with current friends and family members. 

Learn How To Find Useful Information

Something else that can be helpful for your elderly loved one to find via social media is information. Whether it’s about hobbies that they have, interests in various topics, or finding people who share like ideas, being able to find this information can be a great way for them to feel connected to the outside world more than they normally do. 

To get started, try to help them think of some hobbies and interests they have and then have them join some groups around these things. The more involved in these groups that they become, the more connections they’ll have, and the more happiness they’ll feel thanks to social media. 

Learn About Safe Online Interactions

When using social media for the first time, your elderly loved ones might not know some of the standard protocols for having safe interactions.

As a good place to start, begin by teaching them about trolls and that some people just want to start fights and get people mad. Share with them that they don’t have to respond to anyone online, even if they feel provoked. You can also tell them that they should be wary of people who try to solicit personal information from them, especially about their finances. 

If you want your elderly loved ones to enjoy using social media like you have, consider using the tips mentioned above to help teach them how. 

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