How To Attract Your Online Webinar Attendees With Live Streaming

Current hot online live streaming programs include Facebook Live, Twitter Streaming, YouTube Live events, Twitch TV (used by the online gaming community), MySpace Streaming and Google Chrome Live. Unlike pre-recorded webcasts that can be easily edited and trimmed, live streaming is live and unsensitized. But how does one go about maximizing a streaming program? How do they attract the attention of their audience and make them become fans?

Best way to gain more viewers with live streaming Singapore

The best way to gain followers for your streaming program is to create a buzz. It is best to promote your webinar or online webinar prior to its live stream. This will help you to reach a lot of people and at the same time, generate interest on their part in attending the webinar. One way to create a buzz is to use giveaways for attendees.

There are many companies that provide services that give out free products as part of their promotional campaign, these companies are great to partner with because aside from giving out free products; they also promote your event in the process.

When promoting your event, it is best to encourage viewers to invite their friends to the stream. Doing this will also encourage your audience to invite their friends to the stream and so this creates a domino effect of getting more viewers to your live streaming event. The key to a successful promotion is to keep the momentum going by constantly encouraging viewers to invite their friends to the stream. The more viewers you have invited their friends to your stream, the bigger the number of your attendees.

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