Full Guide To Implement CPQ In Salesforce

The profit margin of a company is totally dependent on the sales team. In large companies, the data related to the sales report is managed by software like Salesforce. The advanced operation tools within the software can simplify the management of CRM and IT consulting services. The same role can also be implemented through Salesforce CPQ like software. It holds the feature of configuring, pricing, and quoting the product. Both Beginners and professionals sometimes took a long time to personalize the CPQ process because of a certain complexity. This article will provide a quick guide to implementing Salesforce and some prior tips related to its configuration.

Follow the below steps to begin the implementation:

  • Choose the right CPQ service:

Cognizance of the right CPQ partner concerning the business model is an essential step when choosing any CPQ service. Lead conversion doesn’t work in the same way all the time. For these reasons, understanding the business and imbibing the details about the service provided by Salesforce is mandatory. It works the same as grabbing the right opportunity at the right moment. A better CPQ Salesforce partner can streamline the sales cycle process. Shortening the sale cycle creates a win-win situation to generate more revenue.

  • Knowledge about businesses workflow:

Understanding the business workflow includes the effect of the CPQ model on the supply chain. The sales team should have a clear-cut idea about the business process, type of customer, and Lead generating opportunities before implementing any sales managing software. An improper setup of Salesforce CPQ can adversely affect the trust of customers for irrelevant decisions related to prices and discounts.

  • Implementation of idea:

Get ideas about how to fit the new idea into the current business process. Before this implementation, also analyze the effect of the new idea on the already existing services. Different business segments of the same company also get affected if the name of the brand goes down in the market. So, always compensate for the negativity and think about the outcomes before applying a quick idea.

  • Deal with problem management:

Rectifying the problem in the product, not on time will drop the sale like a chain reaction. Even salesforce won’t help in such cases. The management team should be ready to deal with such problems from the beginning. Regular meets and training for the sales team must be provided to keep the upside on the sales graph.

  • Tracking the progress:

After successful implementation of any type of Salesforce. For example, the sales team dealing with CPQ based software must access all the data to create reports. Accordingly, they can send quotes and record feedback from the customers. All these data must be combined to create a sales cycle stage using the CPQ software. Analyzing the data in real-time can track the whole hierarchy of the sales cycle.


Generating the configuration, price, and quote i.e. CPQ reports seem to be a simple task. For these reasons, cloud-based platforms like Salesforce CPQ are high in demand. Accessing data directly from devices connected to the internet is no longer a tough job. The upgraded add-ons of Salesforce are much better in managing such tasks. It also saves time for employees to rework again for generating and comparing reports.

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