Digital Signage Software

As technology advances, so does the way you use it. Digital signage software has improved significantly since it first became a popular option for businesses. In 2022, there have become plenty of features that you should look for when you choose digital software. This article will take a closer look at many of the top features to look for in 2022.

Use of Essential Media Formats

Sharing static images on your digital display can be accomplished using any digital signage software. However, if you are looking for the ability to display content that is moving and dynamic, you need to look for software that is able to support these media formats. For instance, maybe you want to display 4K content. Think about the type of content that you want to display and then make sure that the software you are using can support that.


Software stability should be at, or close to, the top of your list of priorities when looking for the right digital signage software. Your digital signs are of no use to you if they frequently crash, have errors, or there are other issues that you can come across. This can be as annoying to you as it is to your customers. Take a look at the uptime that the software offers and look for software that has near-perfect uptime.


These days, security is a concern for anything that’s online. Hackers can get into your digital signage and wreak havoc on your signs. Whether they are just pranksters or just bad guys, you want to keep your digital signage software as safe as possible. Look for software solutions that utilize some of the best security standards in the business world, such as SOC I and SOC II.

Automated Content Scheduling/Delivery

Manually scheduling your content can be time-consuming and may be something that you forget more often than you want to. There are a lot of things that go into scheduling content for your digital signage, especially when you have ads on your signage. To make sure that you are displaying the right content at the right time, you can make use of a great feature like automated content scheduling and delivery. This will save you a lot of time and headaches.

Reports Proof-of-Play

Speaking of advertisements, when you make commitments to display specific content on your digital signage it’s good to be able to prove that you are displaying the content as the commitment says. By investing in digital signage software that can provide you with these reports, you can get all sorts of data about the content to show your partners. The software can track when the content was displayed, the impressions that it may have received, and where the content was played. This is essential information that you and your partners will be interested in.


Digital signage software can be incredibly useful for your organization or business. By understanding the best features that you can choose from, you can know what you should be looking for when you are choosing digital signage software.

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