3 Tactics to Play Laser Tag Game on the Defensive Side as a (beginner)

As a beginner, its open you might find some difficulties playing Laser tag Singapore game on the defensive side, right? Common sense detects, you’ll always learn the intricacies of any game first before jumping on to it.

Also, the Laser Tag game is such a type of game you’d want to acquaint yourself with all the fundamentals needed to make your stay on the lane. Therefore, playing on the defensive side will first of all demand you to learn the surrounding you’ll be using for your Laser Tag game.

Generally, what knocks people off is alternating the arena when playing the game. Nonetheless, when you play on the same ambiance over and over, it will help you understand the layout of the game.

So, you’ll be a master in the arena and therefore all the best spots and covers will be at your fingertips.

Knowing the landscape of the game is among the tips for playing on a defensive side in a Laser game.

So, let’s discuss more tips;

  1. Look for the best place to hide
  2. Dress for the game occasion
  3. Embrace a crouching walk

Look for the best place to hide

Finding the best place to hide is a close step to a win. Simply, it won’t be easy for your opponent to spot you. On the other hand, you’ll have a greater opportunity to spot and hit your opponent whenever they hit upon you unaware.

However, it is not good to hide in one place, since you might lose points as well.

Dress for the game occasion

Since the game commands you to be in dark attires, then, come dressed in dark clothes.

Dark clothes are the best since they permit you to hide superbly without be noticed easily. So, dressing in the attire needed will help you to play Laser on a defensive side.

Embrace a crouching walk

The laser Tag game allows soldiers to practice shooting securely. Conversely, embracing war tips such as crouching walk can exceedingly benefit you during the play.

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